Friday, April 8, 2011

[Blog Carnival] The Seventh Edition

This edition of A Carnival for Making Money Articles is sponsored by Leawo Software. There will be 3 winners from each carnival posted on The Earning Blog randomly chosen to win a prize from Leawo Software. Be sure to submit your article for a chance to win! 

Welcome to the April 8, 2011 edition of a carnival for making money articles.

John Paul Aguiar presents Blogging Tools That Successful Bloggers Use Daily posted at Money Dummy Blog.

Al Peters presents What You Should Know About Capital Gains Tax And Your Property posted at TaxFix Feed Update, saying, "This articles explains about Capital Gains Tax And how to save property tax"

Erin Pavlina presents The Power of Talent posted at Erin Pavlina's Blog, saying, "In 4th grade I learned a really valuable lesson about appreciating my talent and my uniqueness. I was taking piano lessons, but I was a poor student. I preferred to play by ear but my teacher, of course, wanted me to learn to read music. So while I was playing complicated songs by ear, she..."

Denice Davis presents Letting the universe know you are there posted at Positive Perspectives.

david conrad presents Secret Trading Method: Can It Provide The Keys To The Kingdom? posted at Trading Systems and Methods.

John Paul Aguiar presents How To Use Social Media To Reach Blog Traffic Nirvana posted at Money Dummy Blog.

Tom Gilmour presents Video Marketing Strategies Philadelphia, Business Video SEO Tips for YouTube Search, Bucks Web Video Production | e-Xplorations posted at e-Xplorations, saying, "Video Marketing Ranking Factors YouTube still represents more than 80% of the video market when it comes to bloggers sharing this content and most corporate bloggers are conducting searches in their favorite search engines with Google Video being the most popular tool used since it looks beyond just"

DebB presents How To Be Successful At Blogging posted at How To Build A Website Quick, saying, "Great video on why many bloggers fail."

John Paul Aguiar presents Twitter Landing Page � Should You Have One? posted at Money Dummy Blog.

Denice Davis presents When is a key just a key? posted at Positive Perspectives.

Earn Money Online

Darwin presents Life Settlement Investment – Scam or Legit? posted at Darwin's Money, saying, "An update on the biggest month ever for this blogger - how he's making money online from multiple sources."

Steve C presents Dropshipping Vs Affiliate Marketing: Which Online Business Will Make You More Money? posted at

Jason Price presents Ways to Make Money on Facebook posted at One Money Design, saying, "A lot of people are connecting with friends and family on Facebook, but many people are using these ideas to make extra money."

Techmaker presents Forex Analysis posted at Tech Blaster, saying, "Forex is one of the most popular topic to make money online. This article shows you how to analyse the forex market. Apart from that blogging also play an vital role in making money online. To learn more visit"

Wez Brown presents Setting Up A Facebook Fan Page posted at Setting Up, saying, "This article shows you how to create and promote your own facebook fan page"

Zoe presents How To Monetize Your Blog posted at MindofZ, saying, "Over 12 tips on how to generate money from blogging. A fantastic guide for beginners and those who wish to work from home (which is what I'm doing)"


Mallory Lynch presents 42 Items You Should Be Buying From the Dollar Store posted at Affordable Online Colleges, saying, "In the past decade, dollar stores have popped up in every neighborhood, large or small. Whether you live in an urban area with an independent dollar store or in the suburbs where dollar store chains roam free, there’s a good chance that you’re missing out on some serious savings if you’re walking buy the store without checking it out."

Money and Finance

Christine Wolf presents How a 12-Year-Old Shags an iPad | Christine Wolf's Blog posted at Christine Wolf's Blog.

david conrad presents Investment Greed And Fear posted at Trading Systems and Methods.

Hussein Sumar presents Investing in S&P 500 High Yield Dividend Aristocrats Index posted at High dividend stocks, saying, "The S&P High Yield Dividend Aristocrats Index is a method of measuring the 60 highest dividend paying stocks in the S&P Composite 1500 index & only lists those companies that have consistently raised their dividends in the last 25 years, without missing a single year."

david conrad presents Blog Carnival - Submit an Article to a Carnival posted at Trading Systems and Methods.

Work From Home

Chris Pope presents Niche Profit Classroom posted at I Make Money Online Blogging, saying, "In this article you’ll discover a complete system for creating a profitable website from total scratch. It’s a system you can repeat over and over again across dozens or even hundreds of niche markets."

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