Monday, April 18, 2011

[Blog Carnival] The Eighth Edition

Welcome to the April 15, 2011 edition of a carnival for making money articles.

Pinyo presents 5 Tips for Finding Accountant Help for Small Business Owners posted at Moolanomy, saying, "Have your business finally grown beyond the DIY stage? If so, congratulation. Accounting is one area where most business owners outsource first. Here are a few tips to help you find accountant help."

Matthew Paulson presents Four Audiobooks That Will Help You Get Out of Debt posted at Audiobooktopia.

Gordan Smith presents 10 Sites to Follow Current Fashion Trends posted at Internet Provider.

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Norman Robillard presents Keyword Research Tool posted at Selling Products Online.

Norman Robillard presents What Is A Blog posted at Selling Products Online.

Franck Silvestre presents Make Money Blogging With WordPress For Affiliates posted at Internet Marketing Mentor.

Ted presents How to Succeed at Running an Online Business | Authority Articles posted at Authority Articles, saying, "So what shouldn’t you be doing when setting up your business?"

Jack Lango presents First Impressions Are Everything, Especially in Business posted at Got Business Cards, saying, "It is not hard to tell that people always judge people by their first impressions."

Steve presents 5 Great Cloud Back Up Apps posted at, saying, "Navigating the cloud-based backup applications can be tricky if you don't know what you're looking for."

Steve presents How To Market Your Business Online With Articles posted at Online Surveys for Cash, saying, "There are many methods and tools one can use to do this and utilizing several of them will yield great results."


Nathan Richardson presents Best CD Rates in 2011 posted at Deals & Tips, saying, "Earn more money in 2011 by investing in certificate of deposits - learn where to park your funds today."

david conrad presents Buying Stocks On Margin: What Is It All About? posted at Trading Systems and Methods.

Daniel Jankovic presents Auto Wealth Maker Bonuses | Auto Wealth Maker Reviews posted at Commission Maniac Review, saying, "Commission Maniac is being launched on 4/18/ 2011. Commission Maniac is really a “Hard cash Technology” that uses full automation to produce affiliate income on autopilot. Simply speaking, Craig Kaye moved from making absolutely nothing and working virtually seven days per week to completely automating his Internet marketing that's resulted in his new product Commission Maniac.
Craig Kaye states that Commission Maniac will certainly teach you all you should know about successful blogs and forums and this awesome software will even teach you exactly how he proceeded to go from being total no money to be turning over $7000 in just 30 days and you could too! You need to check this out here."

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James Nara presents 5 Rules to Help You Manage Your Money Savings : posted at The Secret to Be Happy and Feel Fulfilled, saying, "Why save money ? Money is very important to help you feel more comfortable, to help you feel more secure and hopeful about the future.

With this article I will help you deal with your first savings in a very systematic way by providing you with 5 rules that you can follow without changing too much of your life style."

Steve presents How do you Choose the Right Roth IRA Account Online? | 2009 Taxes posted at 2009 Taxes, saying, "Retirement investing is not to be taken lightly, and while setting up a Roth IRA account is quite simple, comparing the various options and providers is the best way to ensure the most profitable results."

lauren presents The worst states for small businesses: Bundle posted at

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