Friday, March 18, 2011

The Fourth Edition [Blog Carnival]

  The fourth edition of "A Carnival for Making Money Articles" is here! 

Welcome to the March 18, 2011 edition of a carnival for making money articles.

PassiveIncomeDorm presents How Much Money Can You Earn with HubPages? | Passive Income From Your Dorm posted at Passive Income from Your Dorm, saying, "Earn an extra $100 to $500 per month by writing articles for HubPages. Good way to earn passive income."

Brian Terry presents Selling Information Products Online: The 7 “S’s” You Must Have In Place posted at List Generation at Its Best.

Erin Pavlina presents Freedom: The biggest benefit to running your own business posted at Erin Pavlina - Spiritual Wisdom for Conscious People, saying, "In my previous article, The Realities of Running Your Own Business: Do you have what it takes?, I painted a picture designed to show you that it’s not all roses when you run your own business. I got a lot of great feedback from business owners who liked the article because it showed that the..."

Andrea Contreras presents Are You Trying to Be Pushy With Your Web Designs? posted at Project Management Training.

Tricia Adams presents 10 Tenets to a Better Life posted at PhD Programs.

DebB presents Direct Sales Consultants Must Smile posted at Direct Sales / MLM Cash Flow, saying, "A smile is one of the best sales techniques you could ever incorporate into your business."

Jessica Martin presents How Do You Choose the Best Place to Retire? posted at Human Resources Degree.

Earn Money Online

Yujuan Bao presents A useful widget to monetize your website or blog posted at Social Deal Map, saying, "As the emerging of group buy site, it is a hot area to make money from group buy site such as Groupon. This article introduce a widget display Groupon and other social deals on a local map(GEO IP location detected so that the map is always centered at the reader's location). The best thing about it is you can configure it with your own affiliation id and start to make money from it. These deals are usually quite attractive with huge discount and they are local. Blogger /website owner should be able to generate good revenue from it."

Laura Backes presents 10 Ways to Measure Your Time Spent Online posted at Internet Service Guy.

Eliza M. Tam presents How Technology and High Tech Computer Gadgets Affect Our Lives posted at Rich Upon Group Phil, saying, "We all want to have cool gadgets and see how technology will ease our everyday lives. The problem is where to get cheap high tech gadgets with highest standard of quality. Let us help you buy what you want and market products with your own brand name."

Techmaker presents Make Money By Forex Trading posted at Tech Blaster, saying, "Forex trading is a very popular topic in current context since it can make huge sum of money with in very limited time period. So most people are trying for Forex online trading. So you should know how to make money from Forex market. It has described in this article."

Nishadha presents MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Review - Link cloaking,link tracking and automated linking posted at Rumbling Lankan, saying, "how to convert keywords into automatic affiliate links using a cool plug in"


Michael Pruser presents The Consumer Protection Financial Bureau is Here to Help posted at The Dough Roller, saying, "When financial reform was passed, one of the protections put in place for consumers was the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau."

Melissa Delaney presents 10 Ways to Really Find the Price of Tea in China posted at Bundled Package Deals.

Money and Finance

Judy Blackburn presents Is it Possible to Negotiate My Debt? posted at Debt Consolidation, saying, "Getting rid of debt can be accomplished faster by negotiating your outstanding debt lower first."

Patrick LaRue presents The Benefits of Being a Tax Lien Certificate Owner posted at 2010 Tax, saying, "Their are many benefits to being a tax lien owner."

Sarah Johnson presents Top 40 Blogs for Selling Your Home posted at

Work From Home

Juliana Smith presents 10 Signs of a Great Neighborhood posted at Satellite Dish.

Shelly O’Neill presents 10 Things to Look for When Shopping for a Condo posted at

Annette Berlin presents 20 Ways To Make Crafts Pay posted at Craft Stew, saying, "With today’s problematic economy, folks everywhere are searching for alternative ways to bring in extra income. For crafters, our hobby provides an obvious source of extra cash."

Working From Home

Brian Terry presents Sales Lead Generator – 3 Techniques for Beginners posted at List Generation at Its Best, saying, "Find out the 3 Best Sales Lead Generator Techniques to use for Beginners"

Allen Wright presents 10 Most Common Causes of House Fires posted at Home Alarm Monitoring.

Rosa Wilson presents 10 Ways to Lower Your Water Bill posted at Change of Address.

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