Thursday, March 24, 2011

[Blog Carnival] The Fifth Edition

Welcome to the March 24, 2011 edition of a carnival for making money articles.

Mitch Archuleta presents Should I Use a Roth to Buy a House? posted at's Retirement Planning Blog.

Mike McFate presents An easy money strategy posted at, saying, "Using this simple strategy, you can easily make 20-30% per year no matter what direction the market is moving."

Audrey Christopher presents 25 Human Resources Gurus Worth a Follow on Twitter posted at PhD in HR, saying, "Keeping up with business is so much easier with Twitter. Twitter makes it easy to follow the people that can really help you learn what you need to know. Twitter gives you a lot of convenience because tweets are delivered right to your phone. This allows you to keep up with information while you’re on the go."

Reagan Carson presents 19 Awesome Social Bookmarking Sites You Haven?t Heard of posted at MBA In Marketing, saying, "Many of us use social bookmarking sites to keep track of the interesting things we find on the web, and for internet marketing in business. But, we’re probably using the same two or three sites over and over again. There are actually quite a few social bookmarking sites out there."

Whoopie Patterson presents Top 50 Up and Coming Branding Blogs posted at Masters in Advertising, saying, "If your career is in advertising or marketing, you know that branding is at the core of any identity — both personal and in business. But, how can you develop that brand, how should it change (if at all), and how do you establish that brand? The following top 50 up and coming branding blogs all address those questions with a variety of updated and current perspectives."

Chase Gugenheim presents How to Make the Most of (and Spend the Least) Being a Shopaholic posted at Construction Management Degree.

Earn Money Online

freesoftware presents Make Money from Bing posted at I Love Free Software, saying, "Club Bing lets you earn points by searching on Bing. Redeem points for gift cards and tickets on Club Bing. Make money from Bing online.

Thanks for including my article in this carnival."

James Clear presents 50 free ebooks that will help you earn more money posted at Passive Panda, saying, "A complete list of 50 free ebooks that can help you earn more money online."


Michael presents How Much Money Do You Need to Feel Wealthy? posted at Consumerism Commentary, saying, "How wealthy do you need to be in order to be, well, wealthy? It’s more than $5 million apparently!"

Money and Finance

Michael Pruser presents Invest in Local Small Businesses posted at The Dough Roller, saying, "Many investors don’t think of it, but finding local small business to invest in can be quite lucrative."

Bankman presents Essential Treasury Management Services posted at High Yield Savings Accounts, saying, "If you run a small business, then you need to know about treasury management services, and how they can help you manage your finances."

Jane Sanders presents Why You Should Never Buy Now and Pay Later posted at Debt Management.

Steve presents CBS Corporation (CBS) Currently On Hold posted at FastSwings, saying, "CBS Corp has had a nice run but unless expectations are increased, the stock is on hold until earnings are released."

Wez Brown presents Know What To Do If Your Tax Code Is Wrong posted at Tax Codes, saying, "This article explains how to deal with the problem of having the wrong tax code."

Working From Home

James Clear presents How to email important people (5 tips you need to know) posted at Passive Panda, saying, "Working from home means connecting with a wide range of people via email. These tips will help everyone become more effective when sending important emails. Real examples included."

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